More than 90 members of parliament has today lodged no confidence motion against incumbent President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

The motion which has so far garnered the support of more than 90 lawmakers was today handed to the parliament speaker.

The MPs accused the President of disrespecting the current constitution as well as massive corruption in his government.

The MPs exuded confident that they will garner a minimum of 183 votes in parliament in support of the no- confidence motion against the President and there by topple the government.

The lawmakers also faulted the President of failing to deliver the promises he made when he came to power.

UN monitoring group has earlier accused the top government officials including the president and his political cronies of massive public looting.

Last month, the government ruled out the possibility of holding one-man-one vote in 2016 election, a move that created despondency in the country political spectrum .

If the lawmakers managed to impeach the president, then, the country is expected to enter political turmoil as the country still continue to struggle against  Islamist insurgency.

Source: Somali Current