A terror suspect who escaped the police dragnet in 2015 was found dead in a forest in Naivasha on Saturday.

Police had been looking for Farid Awadh since he fled from Kisauni in Mombasa early that year. He had just sneaked back into the country from Somalia.

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Police briefings say Awadh was trained by al Shabaab militia in Somalia and that he worked with Ismail Shosi, on whom the government had placed a Sh2 million bounty.

Shosi was shot dead when police raided his rental house in Kisauni’s Mwandoni area, Mombasa, in September last year.

Kisauni police boss Richard Ngatia said at least five of his accomplices escaped from the house in which he had stayed for about two days.

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Awadh’s father Mzee Awadh told the Star on phone on Sunday that they will seek police permission to bury him in Naivasha.

“I haven’t seen bullet wounds in him. His body is just swollen and [it seems it hasn’t been long since he died],” he said.

In an interview with the Star in 2015, one of Awadh’s wives, who identified herself as Zahara Bahama, said he had not engaged in terror activities and that he was a matatu operator. She said detectives told her they were “not yet done’ with the suspect.

In Mombasa and Mandera respectively, police are holding terror suspects Juma Athman and Stephen Wangeci.

Athman was arrested by ATPU officers in Shika Adabu Likoni. He was found with items including two grenades, 10 bullets, CDs with materials for radicalization, an AK 47 rifle and a jungle jacket.

Wangeci was apprehended while sneaking into Mandera from Bula Hawa in Somalia.

The two will be questioned and taken to court.

By ELKANA JACOB, @elkana_jacob