Somaliland: Three Candidates Running for the Presidency Promise to Accept Results

At two separate occasions held, respectively, at the Somaliland National Electoral Commission offices and Ambassador Hotel, the three candidates running for the presidency on Waddani, Kulmiye and Ucid tickets solemnly promised the people of Somaliland and the world, today, that they will fully and unwaveringly respect election results.

Ex-House Speaker of the House of Representatives and Waddani party Chairman, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi “Irro”, Musa Behi Abdi, Kulmiye party leader, and Eng. Faisal Ali Hussein, running for the presidency on behalf of UCID, all urged the electorate to peacefully and respectfully observe good manners at polling stations, keeping in mind that each of them has a constitutional right to vote for the candidate of his/her choice.

“The president and the Vice President who will take over from the incumbents after the election will be decided by this election. No two presidents will be elected. As such, I am ready to accept the results if I do not emerge the winner,” Eng. Faisal said.

“I and the party I lead,” Abdirahman of Waddani stated, “will honor the results fully cognizant that the country’s integrity and future are on the block”.

“None of us three, here, can be associated with any and all acts that may jeopardize the well being, peace and stability of our people, our nation,” Musa Behi of Kulmiye said. “We urge all of our supporters to keep in mind that Somaliland is what unites us all, and that any one of us elected to lead the country will be the next president for all of us”.

The first of the two occasions was organized by the National Electoral Commission where the second was at a luncheon thrown for the candidates by the three former vice presidents of the Republic of Somaliland.

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The two events, the words exchanged and the maturity that has made them possible, once more, clinch an uncontestable first place for the Republic of Somaliland on world democracy and political decency graphs which will definitely bring its sovereignty aspirations so much more nearer.