Two more men were found killed at two different locations in the coastal, trading town of Bossasso of the Somalia Federal State of Puntland.

The two men, estimated at between 20 and 30 years old, both died under violent circumstances, according to Bossasso Hospital sources.

One of the men was found lying dead by one of the main streets of the port town his neck broken. The other was killed an office covertly used for illegal immigration processing near the shore.

Map showing road and air routes between Bossasso and Jigjiga

Since the outbreak of lawlessness and the near collapse of regional administration in the Eastern Ethiopia Somali region five-six days ago.

Although the two Somali towns of Bossasso and Jigjiga come under two unrelated administrations – Somalia and Ethiopia, respectively, and are above 1000 kilometers apart (on a straight line), yet, the violent events unraveling in the latter shook the relative tranquility of the usually serene coastal town.

Another man (below), in his late 30s, was kicked and clubbed to unconsciousness in the town after, reportedly, the collapse of the Somali-run administration triggered violent clashes between the Somalis and Oromos in Jigjiga.Incidents such as the one above prompted an urgent call the President of Somaliland made to the public and the security forces, Saturday, to guarantee the safety of all expatriates and guests to the country, supporting a similar call the Ministry of Interior proclaimed.

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The Somaliland cities of Wajaale, Borama, Gabiley, and Hargeisa, reports indicate, have already given refuge to people who fled the tensed cities of Jigjiga and Dire Dawa.

The Oromo community in Hargeisa, speaking for the expats in Somaliland, on their part, updated their relatives and friends back home how safe they were in Somaliland. Talking to the press, leading members of the community thanked the government and public on their hospitality.