The Honorable Abdirahman Mohamoud Aideed ‘Soltelco’, Chairman of the Hargeisa City Council and Mayor, revealed that the Guurti, House of Representatives and the Presidency will move out of their current Hargeisa city centre premises.

Mayor Soltelco officially stated, for the first time, that the Presidency was moving out to the western suburbs of the capital, where preparation of the ground has been underway for some months now.

“The new Presidency will be built on grounds we have granted it on the western part of the city. Hargeisa municipality is taking part in the preparation of the ground and the construction of the perimeter wall by providing tipper-trucks, caterpillars, bulldozers and the like. The army construction corps is doing most of the construction and topographic-related activities,” he said.

The Mayor added that his office has also allocated prime land to each of the two Houses of the Somaliland parliament.

“The Guurti (Senate or Upper House) will eventually move to new premises on the southern outskirts of the city where a fitting compound will be built it. The House of Representatives will move to would-be-built premises on the Eastern suburbs,” Mayor Aideed said.

The Mayor told the Standing Committee of the Somaliland Senate, Monday, that the order to build the executive and legislative houses on three different directions in the city came directly from His Excellency the President, Musa Bihi Abdi.

In effect, what the Mayor was saying is that the President was distributing the three houses among different localities each of which a certain clan was dominant – a phenomenon that was totally alien to Somaliland politics.

The news took both the Guurti and the HoR by surprise.