First day of Somaliland achievements, challenges forum in Tweets

The Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Wednesday, launched a two-day forum to look at what had been achieved or not achieved since 1991 when the country struck out on its own, disengaging itself from an ill-fated union with Somalia – a junior partner in the 1960 independences, as well as challenges that still remain to be tackled.

The Forum was attended by delegates from 32 countries around the world, including scholars, diplomats, parliamentarians, and representatives of international agencies and lobbying groups besides national authorities and intellectuals.

The Forum, to end Thursday, was timed to coincide with the launching of new extensions to the Red Sea port of Berbera. Together the two events attracted more than two dozen crews from international television stations, print, and online media establishments.

But, what held on to people’s attention and won the day at the MFA event was social media, live coverages of the proceedings and Tweets of observations at .

Below is a sample of the story unfolding in Tweets on Wednesday.