Somalilanders Fail to Defend themselves and Country from Sworn Foes

The belief that Somalilanders were united in their sincere quest to stand on their own feet as a sovereign country, and to command the attention of the international community to their cause, has, it appears, fizzled out to naught.

There is amble proof everywhere you look.


Alsaw 1This so-called website, and its sister pages and associates, had never hidden its enmity against the whole of Somaliland. There are some ethnic sections that he shows crocodile tears such as the Habar Yonis, the Gadabursi and Dhulbahante.  The fact remains, though, there is no love lost there between them,  and that a great majority of the targeted clans are staunch patriots.  The owner Alasow, on the other hand, feebly lunges  at Somaliland to whittle down the very fabric of the country and the age-honored values that all Somalilanders have in common.

The owner, ex-hack man-turned-’journalist’, Alasow, plays the card of turning Somalilander against Somaliland so badly in that he shows his hand.

If one looks at the upper, banner area of, and/or scan reads the headlines of the first page, one cannot fail to notice the people and organizations the editor uses against other sections of the Somaliland society, depending on who is not coughing up blackmail money.New Picture (3)

It is quite clear, for example, that he has fangs on clan-pulverized wrecks among the Somaliland media, some of whom are included in the select ‘friends’ he displays in the banner area (Warsomali, etc), and some he keeps under the table (allboramanews, etc.). These explain why the two sides use almost exactly the same words in denigrating Somaliland in the guise of  ‘political opposition’ voices aiming to breakdown Somaliland unity. The article at is a very good example of how insiders feed twisted lies and pictures to a sworn foe from without.

Opposition Parties

A few elements in UCID and a great many in Waddani parties seem to have lost the distinction between constructive criticism and sustained, destructive onslaught against the very foundations on which the Republic of Somaliland rests: co-existence, nationalism, economic development, national image, statehood, etc, etc.

Waddani, for example, which is never ashamed of flaunting its one-clan ranks in political rallies, and in its unadulterated venom against everything outside of that stifling circle, is largely responsible for tarnishing the political image of Somaliland in the eyes of the international community. The Party’s calculated, continuously aired suppositions abrogating Somaliland government achievement, for instance,  does nothing but replenish the arsenal of enemy camps such as the FDS and underworld criminals such as Alasow.

BBC, VOA Somali Services

The two above stations have become the subject of Somaliland grapevine discussions.

The two stations, Somalilanders have now come to accept, are bent on bringing Somaliland to its knees. The two stations equally play up the upsides of the fragile FDS presence in Mogadishu while over-inflating the downsides of Somaliland politics and achievements.

The latest stark cover-up  that the two said stations did was not even mentioning the alarming Al Shebab bombardment  of Villa Somalia during the IGAD ministers’ meeting. This is against all objectivity and relevance of news issues that responsible journalism dictates. It is the inalienable right of the end user to get the facts of what is happening around him – without bias or exaggerated: the bare facts.

The two stations, instead, go out of their away to ferret out unflattering and/or damaging tidbits against Somaliland and Somalilanders bending all the way backwards, most times, to over-blow minor, very minute issues.



Madar Jimale



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