Bristol could be twinned with Berbera

Berbera, the fourth largest city in Somaliland, should be twinned with Bristol, according to campaigners.

The city council heard last month that about 10,000 people who currently reside in Bristol originate from Somaliland.

Somaliland declared independence from the Somali Republic in 1991 following a long war and has since been recognised as a state by some countries and councils.

Bristol is currently twinned with Bordeaux (France), Hannover (Germany), Oporto (Portugal), Tbilisi (Georgia), Puerto Morazan (Nicaragua), Beira (Mozambique), and Guangzhou (China).

Full council is calling for the mayor to submit an application to the Bristol International Twinning Association (BITA) to twin the City of Bristol with Berbera in Somaliland.

By Bristol Post


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