Somaliland Offloads Military Hardware from MV Shakir


Following a week-long flurry of correspondences with international sources and governments to shed more light on the provenance and destination of military hardware discovered aboard a merchant vessel that docked at Berbera seaport, the Somaliland government offloaded the military arsenal stowed in the ships lower holds obviously coming to the conclusion that the arsenal was illegally being transported and  the fact that a civilian ship carrying carryin undeclared military hardware docked on a non-military facility without showing such on its official manifesto.

Minister Ali M Waran’adde

The Somaliland Minister for Interior, H.E. Ali Mohamed Waran’adde, speaking to the press at Batalale beach, Berbera, disclosed that the Republic of Somaliland took the vehicles and other military pieces discovered aboard the ship ashore, and that the government has not yet reached a final, conclusive decision on what to do with the weaponry.

According to laws that govern such eventualities and in accordance with international maritime laws, ships carrying military hardware cannot dock on civilian ports for fear of untoward consequences and accidents.

Watch the full press conference below:


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