HARGEISA- UN Special Envoy to Somalia Mr. Nicholas Kay who briefed 15-member body Yesterday on Somalia stated that staffers from his office will travel to Somaliland.

Mr. Kay has said that he has offices in all regions of the country to start functioning and  will be quite busy when it comes to the implementation of the Federal System.

In his briefing to the UN, Mr. Kay has said that his office recently established working ties with Somaliland.

He commented that Somaliland is committed to have ties with UNISOM and said further that her office will hopefully be opened in Hargeisa.

Somaliland authority is so pleased to have UNISOM workers operating in her sovereignty said Mr. Kay.

On the other hand, Somaliland’s foreign affairs minister Mr. Mohamed Bihi Yonis has pledged that Silanyo administration will not have close working relations with UNISOM on politics.

The Minister reiterated that they have ties on development and human rights support from the UN office in Somalia.