Dahabshiil Group’s varied branch-off companies – Dahabshiil Remittance, Somtel telecommunications, Dahabshiil Bank and the newly launched eDahab services participated at the Borama  business fair in a big way.

Dahabshiil’s eDahab Services launched only on 29 January has cornered a sizeable market niche on mobile money transfers since then, capturing the hearts and loyalties of the business community and the younger generations alike

The fair, the first of its kind in Borama, was organized by a group of Awdalite intellectuals who wished to show Somaliland and the rest of the world that initiative, creativity and acumen-ship was alive in these parts of the world despite the maligns of subversive elements against all facets of development, co-existence and stability in the region.

The young organizers of the fair state that without the encouragement they had found at Dahabshiil Operations Office, Hargeisa, and the Awdal head office in Borama, a lot could have gone wrong, among which is their drive to succeed on this  scheme.

Group officials, among Ismail Riiraash, head of Dahabshiil Borama, explain roles and records below: