Fooxle1The deputy commander of Somaliland police Brigadier General Abdurrahman Liban Ahmed “Fooxle” said, “The accusations leveled against Somaliland by authorities of region of Puntland alleging that Somaliland was throwing financial and military support behind Al Shabaab fighters operating hideouts along Golis Mountain Ranges as false and lack any merit whatsoever.

Brigadier General Abdurrahman Liban Ahmed “Fooxle” speaking to reporters during the press conference expressed his shock that the Puntland authorities would give sweeping statements while shamelessly lying through the teeth.

“The authorities in Puntland have failed to control and contain the militants who are based in the Gal-Gala Mountains ,an area which is roughly 7KM , this shows you how incompetent they are”, He said.

Brigadier General Abdurrahman Liban Ahmed “Fooxle” added , “For Puntland, Al-Shabab poses credible security threats while at the same time it serves as a powerful propaganda tool to lash out its opponents and that’s why you see Puntland authorities accuses Somaliland of aiding terror groups without producing a tinge of evidence.

Suspect gunmen affiliated to the militant Al Shabaab group fired machine guns and rocket propelled grenades attacked a military personnel manning a security checkpoint in the in the port city of Bossaso Puntland’s commercial hub on Saturday night, killing one soldier and wounding two others.

police Commander Abdihakin Yusuf Musse in charge of Bari The regional police Commander Abdihakin Yusuf Musse in charge of Bari displaying  Somaliland shilling currency he alleged was stashed the pockets of the Al Shabaab assailants contrary to confessions obtained from captured militant from southeast Somalia who was among the attackers involved in the Bossaso confessed that he was ordered by a Al Shabaab official living in southern Somalia to launch raids on checkpoints over the phone , the militant also revealed that he has being working as a waiter at a restaurant in Bossaso, for many years.

On January 30, Security Minister Hassan Osman Allore blamed Somalilnd for providing Islamist insurgents battling the Puntland forces with cash and military gears, allegations categorically denied by Somaliland.
(Source: SP)