“We Want to Remain Independent”- Former Minister of Commerce Dr. Mohamed A. Omer


Somaliland’s former Minister of Commerce and International Relations Dr. Mohammed Abdilahi Omar has stated that it is high time the international community recognized Somaliland as an independent state as that will have far reaching implications on stability and economic development in the Horn of Africa.

Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omer made those remarks during an interview with Alex Chamwada of CHAMS Media posted on Youtube. He says there are lessons to be learnt from the region on how it has achieved stability even without much international support.

During the video interview former Minister of Commerce and International Relations said: “Lack of recognition has negative impact on our ability of contribute much more to the horn of Africa region. As you know Somaliland is stable and democratic country for a long time. We have had democratic elections and transfer of power from one government to another government very peacefully. We have a vibrant civil society as well as a positive record of how we manage our development. We have a free public education to our people and these are a good example for Africa and our region,”

Watch Below the excerpts of the interview



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