Kenya to build wall in Mandera border to keep out Al-Shabaab



The Kenyan government will soon erect a wall in Mandera to separate the region from Somalia as a security measure.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery said that the government will start construction of the security wall in Wajir & Bula Hawa on Monday to control entry of Somali nationals to Kenya.

“Mandera and Bulahawa are almost merged and you cannot tell which is which. Now we want to put a wall at border point one and close the border. That will reduce the porous border entries into our country. We will be starting the construction of the border next week,” said Nkaissery

The CS who was speaking to a local TV station added that the measure was part of the government’s plan of ensuring the vast county is safe from Al Shabaab militants.

The Retired Major General cautioned Mandera leaders against inciting residents as that will amount to undermining the central government under who security matters fall.

He was referring to calls by the County elected leaders for the removal of the County commissioner and subsequent demonstrations in the town over the same matter.

“Regardless of how many demonstrations the governor organizes, the County Commissioner will stay put” he said

But in a quick rejoinder, Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow welcomed the move but said that it was not a long-term solution security problems facing his county.

“He is admitting there are terrorists operating there and not bandits as he has been claiming. We hope it will help in containing the problem,” said Kerrow.

The Senator added that it was expensive to erect a wall and man the long border measuring almost 200km that the country has with Somalia.


Source: Nepjournal


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