Watch Press Briefing, Sheffield recognition & Big Nass Nasheed Single on Somaliland recognition

17391_854428367963826_497926336943597741_nA heavyweight delegation comprising of the Somaliland Minister for the Presidency, the Hon. Hersi Ali Haj Hassan, the Somaliland Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Mohamed Behi Yonis, and the First Deputy House Speaker of the Somaliland House of Representatives (Parliament), the Hon. Pasha Mohamed Farah, are to be on hand for Cardiff, Wales, City Council’s motion on recognizing the republic of Somaliland as an independent country on Thursday.

The Honorable minister for Foreign Affairs who has preceded the delegation to UK and will be joined by the two other members who flew off from Egal International Airport Monday.

Before they took off, Minister Hersi briefed the media on their mission, stating that the State recognized the importance of this day in history for the people and government of Somaliland and to honor it and the people who made it happen was absolutely in order.

The Minister hoped that the Cardiff move  would add weight to a similar recognition that the Sheffield City Council bestowed on Somaliland on 2 April 2014.

The Minister, in a related posting he published on his facebook page, echoed the public desire that the move usher in a new thinking to the international forum in order to break the isolation that non-recognition of our status placed on our economy, social development and relations with international actors for the past two dozen years since 1991.

Find Press Briefing below:


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Sheffield recognizes Somaliland independence

Somaliland on the east coast of Africa has its own elections, passport and currency. The 3.5 million inhabitants declared independence from Somalia in 1991, but so far, internationally it hasn’t recognized it as a country in its own right. That is, until the English city of Sheffield voted to. Campaigners hope this will put pressure on the British government to formally accept its status.

 (Source: DW)



Bigg Nass – Recognize Somaliland (Official Video)

Published on May 5, 2013

Recognize Somaliland is the 2nd single release song from the upcoming Album “The New Decade” by Bigg Nass. This nasheed song is a non-profit song and is specially dedicated to support the recognition of Somaliland.



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