picture of abdirahim attending seminar while working for local bank.

On Thursday morning, Al Shabaab militants stormed Garissa University and killed 147 people mainly students and injured 79 others in a siege that lasted more than 12 hours. The whole nation is at shock and the victims and their families are trying to come to terms of the horrible tragedy. But there was a boy who attracted the attention of the nation and everyone in social media is talking about, the boy who was Lawyer by profession was among the terrorist who attacked the university and was later killed by the Kenyan security forces.

Abdirahim Abdullahi, the tall and thin youthful man in his late 20s is the son of Mandera local Chief and is said to have completed his KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) at Mandera DEB and proceeded to Wamy High School, one of the leading Islamic private schools in the country and got A- in His secondary examination before proceeding to the precious Nairobi University where he graduated bachelor of law in 2013.

Many of his former classmates described him as ‘humble and harmless ‘boy who was always busy with his studies and were wondering what motivated him to join the terror group.

“The guy was humble and harmless and looked busy with law books “, said former University classmate.

Abdirahim was working local bank before he was radicalized together with his best friend named Mohamed alias Atom who also hailed Mandera and is said to have been missing from their homes one year ago with rumors that they travelled to Syria to join ISIS  or had join Somalia militants group ,Al Shabaab.

picture of abdirahim attending seminar while working for local bank.

Source closed to him said, Abdirahim opted to join Al Shabaab after mission to join ISIS become impossible as he had no passport but his friend Mohamed atom managed to fly Turkey and cross over into Syria to join ISIS. Mohamed Atom is dropped out of under graduate course at the University of Nairobi to pursue his jihad dream.

Abdirahim’s father was shocked and disbelieve that his son took the lives of innocent people.

“ I have buried him long time ago but the fact that my own blood took the lives of more than 100 innocent people gives me enough regrets to live that has taken away my hopes of living humbly” said the terrified father.

Abdirahim’s father said is hanging his head for shame and cannot go around for fear. Today the father refused to talk to the local and international media saying he feel a shame of his son’s action and had no words to describe.

Who had ever think Abdirahim joining terrorist group, not his friends, not his parents not even acquaintance. The guy was dot com  and  had passion of playing football.

Joining terrorist group is not about unemployment or poverty .its brainwashing aggrieved person calling for duty and desire to die as a martyr.

With Jihad Fever and Flu sweeping across the world, no one is assured and anything is possible.


(Source: Somali Current)