Forces belonging to Somali Federal Government have today engaged in direct gun battle in Mogadishu, RBC Reports.

Somali forces of two sides have fought today in the capital city killing at least one according to witness to who spoke to Raxanreeb Online on anonymity condition.

At least one person confirmed dead as the forces of Somali Government sides with two sides.ciidan_DF

The motive of this confrontation has been clearly established but early reports indicate that the two sides have disputed on house that the Banadir region administration ordered to be demolished.

Banadiir regional administration has so far not made any remark on this incident.

Somali government forces have several other times engaged in direct battles after disputing on minor matters.

Somalia toils to build well-trained and administered forces as the country recovers from decades of civil war and lawless.

Source: RBC


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