The Republic of Somaliland Ministers of Interior and Resettlement, the Hon. Ali Mohamed Waran’adde and the Hon. Ali Saeed Reygal, flanked by the Vice-Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, the Hon. Abdiwahid Abdiwahab  and the Vice-Minister for Health, Hassan Dhimbil, today, announced that Somalia refugees fleeing the Yemeni war will no longer be barred from using Berbera port for transit to Somalia destinations.Warka Xukuumadu Qaxoontiga Kufasaxaday Hargeysa Royal Tv Faysal FIfa.mp4_000009850The Ministers said the Republic of Somaliland’s earlier decision was borne out of necessity because, primarily, the country was afraid that militants would land in Berbera in the guise of refugees and, secondly, the UN and other international organizations were not initially forthcoming in financially helping the refugees reach respective homes since they were not able to afford transport fares if left to their own means.

The Ministers, at a press conference they held at the Ministry of Information, disclosed that the international organizations agreed to lend a supportive hand on both issues.

Minister Reygal of Resettlement

“The Republic of Somaliland is pained at the plight of the refugees as everybody of the right mind would,” Minister Ali said. “As such, we will do whatever we can to fill the gaps and to help the refugees not lose their dignity either through want or an inability to pass on to their original homes in Somalia”.Minister Ali Reygal pointed an accusatory finger at Somalia’s waek administration in Mogadishu by pointing out that Mogadishu politicized the issue where it should have handed over the transit moneys they owed the incoming refugees at the port of origin.

“Somalia embezzled the support the international community extended the refugees and, instead, dumped a mass of scared, needy refugees in a Berbera over whichthat Mogadishu had no jurisdiction,” Ali Said.

The Ministers all emphasized that Somaliland was no stranger to hosting Somalis, but in this case, the circumstances were different.

During the brief interlude that elapsed since Somaliland stopped in influx of the refugees, the Republic of Somaliland made its voice heard by  double-dealing UN organizations and an imposter, Mogadishu administration that lived on make-belief of its invention.

And, so, all of Somaliland heave a sigh of relief – either way.

Find the Press conference below.


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