First and foremost, I have a great respect for the necessity of the existence of a world organization, like the UN. However, Somalia experiences from the UN, unwarranted immoral duties that gamble with their integrity. What happened in Adado, Central Somalia, was a short preview of what is to come in the election of 2016. Unfortunately, The UN immediately supports the undemocratic nominations of the heads of the Juba, Central, and Southwest regional administrations.

We have seen Kenyan military air strikes and incursions that killed many innocent civilians, and seize ownership of the land and sea of Somalia. The Ethiopian paramilitary militia known as Liyu Police committed genocide against civilians at the border between Somalia and Ethiopia. Ethiopia seems to be the major donor of ammunitions and small arms to different religious extremists in Somalia. Recently Burundian peacekeepers suffered a major blow from the Islamic extremist group and that event shed light on a credible suspicion that Ethiopia supplies arms to the extremist fighters. The UN has never taken a bold action of shielding Somalia from neighboring countries that are the source of instability and aggression in Somalia.

Many Somalis are extremely concerned about the dreadful things happening in their country, particularly the deceitful political processes that are going on with the current leader and his coterie. They are the cankerworms of corruption and poor leadership, and coercively enact smear personal grudges against political opponents, independent media, and human rights activists. The central prison in Mogadishu is full of innocent inmates that have never seen a true justice. There is high possibility of truly guilty offenders escaping justice, with big payments through bribes. Instead of addressing these issues, The UN chooses to divert attention from the real culprits of injustice, and corrupt leaders, who are the actual cause of leadership failure in Somalia.

It’s sad to say that civil war tycoons and middle eastern interest groups are among others who are behind the leadership fiasco of the current leader. They are acting in such a capacity to invest in lobbyist campaigns and election malpractices that are delegated by the current president. Mr. President, given the nature of the involvement of the Somali leader’s potential interest in the upcoming elections of 2016, the appointment of the national electoral commission is in violation of the principles of conducting a free and fair election. The nomination of the current electoral commission in which more than half of them are from the side of the current leader is an ethical deficit of democracy. This is one of the self-evident conflicts of interest that proves the manipulations of the electoral governing commission in favor of the current leader’s electoral contest.

Manipulating the architecture of the institutions that govern elections strengthens the legitimate suspicion of the opposing political stakeholders who have the impression that such malpractices make the current leader and those around him to feel more secure in the election of 2016. An independent Somali electoral commission acts as an electoral management body that strengthens the spirit of the democratic electoral processes. Such impartial electoral body guarantees an administrative authority independent from those holding power and ensuring practice that is responsible for organizing free, credible, and acceptable elections. Mr. president, your insensitivity to the practices of gerrymandering and lack of observer access to the electoral processes in the elections in regional administrations is a clear indication of impunity to the benefiters of malapportionment.

These election malpractices are advantages for those candidates who have close ties with government leadership, because they are able to use government revenue to fund election malpractices. Mr. President, certainly, your passion to join in the embracement and celebration of the regional elections, which you consider credible processes, contradicts the wellbeing of the political public in civil society. Somalis will pay close attention to the possible corrosion of the UN imposed democracy and will not accept any violations of the principles of inclusivity and over-restrictive regulations regarding the conduct of free and fair elections in 2016.

Mr. president, It’s a fundamental concern to stop groundless praises which are in dissonance with the moral duties of the democratic ethics. Many Somalis have openly expressed doubt about the inception of your guidance because your directions are counter-productive for a thriving Somali nascent democracy, which you strongly promised to enhance and nurture. You have chosen to kill Somalia instead of defending against the deeds of destructive bad leaders. This bad choice touches the hearts and minds of many Somalis who see that as an unwarranted sponsorship.

Mr. president, in my view, you are falling into the trap of chasing shadows and ignoring to focus on priorities. That has persuaded me and many Somalis that you do not mean well for Somalia and it has also lowered our expectations for you. The way things are going, it seems that doubts are high as whether the promised election in 2016 will be fair and free. If what we are seeing so far is self-evident, then your end results promote a fallacy of service with malfeasance in office. Unfortunately, such complicity will favor the plots of the current administration. If the expressway is paved for the power return of those corrupt poor leaders, this will generate unsafe riots in 2016 and there will be a high cost to pay.

Mr. President, I agree for certain that you won’t appreciate what the critics blame on you, but I wish that you carefully examine what it looks like the outcome of the 2016 election will be if the plots of the current administration succeed as it is planned. Mr. president, please stop the practice of democracy in double standard, because it’s guaranteed to be counter- productive.

Mr. President, we are aware of many talks that have been done since the international community, led by the UN, began to stabilize Somalia. We noticed that billions of dollars in aid was granted to Somalia for the past years and it was begged on behalf of the Somali people in Somalia. Apart from groundless praises spewed from your office, we see no tangible progress beyond rhetoric based on empty statements, since the sworn of the current Somali leader. We understand that your target goal is not one-man one-vote election in 2016, but that of 2020. Would you please Mr. president save your words until we witness that happen in 2020.


ssqqDr. Said Mohamud

President of the Somali People’s Party

Mainsse, United States of America


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