Egal International Airport sees off first batch of Hujjaj to Mecca (Pix+Video)


Somaliland Minister of Civil Aviation has announced that the Haj flights have kicked off in SL and went to say that the first batch of pilgrims left from Hargeisa bound to Mecca today and yesterday.12bc0fe66f93cda625f3f00d8ba83710_LThe passengers boarded Daallo-Jubba airways which will take them direct to Saudi Arabia.

Republic of Somaliland Minister of Civil Aviation Mr. Mohamud Hashi Abdi has talked about plans to cope with the increase ina number of flights that are leaving for Saudi Arabia and other usual flights.maxamuud-xaashi

In addition, he stated while briefing the press that he saw off the first batch of SL pilgrims who are bound for Mecca to perform Hajj obligations.

He said that it is of great pleasure for the aviation ministry and its staffers who are on-duty to provide services to passengers who are returning to their homeland or leaving from the country.

He revealed that he is satisfied with the airport services having it modernized thanks to the leadership of president Ahmed Silanyo of Somaliland.

He added that Haj flights will be direct once that flew from Hargeisa that they will land in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

He announced that all passengers from Somalia and Somaliland will board direct flights from Hargeisa International airport whereby night flights are expected to take off from the airport.

He revealed that 2500 pilgrims from Somaliland will leave for Mecca while our brothers from Somalia is expected to be 1500 passengers set to leave for Mecca.

Some of the passengers who were leaving for Mecca and spoke to the press express their delight over the services and flights that they receive from the airport.



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