The Al Qaeda affiliated  Islamists fighting against the Somalia-AMISOM forces in Somalia, Al Shabaab, today, made public images taken of a raid the fighters made on an AMISOM troops garrison in Jannaale, Lower Shabelle region of Somalia.

In a brief statement Al Shabaab posted on the Radioandalus24 web page, the group said the September 1 dawn attack was carried out by its Martyr Abu Zubeir  assault unit. The statement added that ‘over sixty Christian Ugandans were razed down’ in the attack.

The disturbingly appalling pictures of slain UPDF soldiers are shown strewn all over the overrun base. Some of them are seen half-submerged in river water where, apparently, death had overtaken them.

The images also show a large assortment of weapons and ammunition the Al-Shabaab fighters purportedly captured during its successful takeover of the base.

The pictures were taken by the militant group’s media unit – Al-Kataib.123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627



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