The 8th High Level Aid Coordination Forum opened today at the Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa bringing together the Government of Somaliland officials, representatives of donor’s countries, the United Nations, the international community, INGOs and Somaliland Civil Society.

At the Forum Somaliland Minster of National Planning Dr. Sacad Ali Shire reported on progress in achieving its development objectives as set out in the 2012-2016 five years National Development Plan and in line with the New Deal – Somaliland Special Arrangement most notably the advances in the areas of Justice, security, infrastructure, land reform, and implementing strategies, policies, and mechanisms meant to lure both local and foreign investment so as to realize the growth and advancement of the nation’s economy.

Dr. Sacad Ali Shire also briefed those attending the forum on the current challenges facing the country especially the prevalent drought conditions in some parts of the country and the issue of resettling the ever surging numbers of Yemen Refugees escaping the deteriorating security situation in that country.

Ms. Kira Smith, Deputy Head of Mission of Embassy of Denmark speaking on behalf of the International community said As your development partners we welcome this event we recognize the efforts the authorities have made and are still making to strengthening governance, and providing basic services to its citizens. We laud Somaliland for the crucial role it played in hosting to Yemen Refugees.” We see the SDF as a vehicle to support Somaliland’s efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals and support its commitment to ensuring lasting peace, stability and development. We also know it is Somaliland’s preferred funding mechanism identified in the Somaliland Special Arrangement.”



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