SOMALI stars left crowds mesmerized after a performance at Colston Hall.11463202-large

After travelling all the way from Somaliland and Djibouti, they arrived at The Lantern following the Somali Week festival in London.

The performers included legendary lyricist described as “the backbone of Somali Music”, Daoud Ali Mas’haf; vocalist and music composer Mohammed BK, who has been the highlight of every show and folklore dancer; and vocalist and one of the youngest members of Waabari previously the most famous band in Somalia, Sahra Ilays.

They put on a week of entertainment, selling out all seven nights – and then they brought their magic to Bristol.11463229The sensational performers known as the Stars of the Horn, very much admired in their homeland, gave astonishing performances which not only left the crowd wanting more but also attracted culturally diverse crowds.

Mohammed BK in particular has transformed the Somali musical platform with his ability to unite the old and the young generations fusing together through his modernization of traditional music.

“He is an extraordinary singer managing to mobilize the Somali community around the country for the first time in 30 years” Ayan Mahmoud – Managing director of Kayd Arts and Culture.

Following the footsteps of his father, the notable star will perform for the last time solely in London on December 5, before heading back to his homeland.

Kayd Arts and Culture which is an organisation that encompasses poetry, literature, panel discussions, documentary film screenings, music and theatre; launched the ‘Somali week festival’. Offering the best of Somali arts and culture, both old and new.

The festival includes a mixture of events whilst showcasing the talent and success of the Somali community. It also brings writers, poets, activist and journalists together.

The organisation is in partnership with Red Sea Cultural Foundation, aiming to empower and educate the Somali community in Somaliland and Somalia as a whole through endorsing and supplying high quality Somali literature contents and provide young people with access to the cultures of the world by translating international famous classical literature into Somali.

Jama, author and founder of Red Sea Cultural Foundation also co-organized an event focused on literature in Bristol the end of last month attended by himself and other Somali poets, writers and journalists.

Ayan Mahmoud, managing director of Kayd, has recently been awarded with an MBE award from the Queen for promoting friendship and cultural understanding between the UK and Somali region has worked hard to bring the stars to the UK.

The UK tour of the Somali stars has visited Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and continues in Sheffield on November 26.


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