A very disturbing video posted on  Kalsan TV, YouTube and Facebook shows the patched-up remains of 9 Somalis found on an Alexandria coastal stretch.

The bodies show badly and unprofessionally stitched up torsos missing all vital organs.

Among the butchered Somalis were a mother and her three children who were identified as Adar Hassan Addawe (mother), son Abubakr Abdikarim (3 months), daughter Anfa’ Abdikarim (18 months), and another seven-year old son.

The Somalis are believed to have lost their lives to ruthless body-organs traders after they failed to pay for their passage to human traffickers who promised to smuggle them to Europe – at a hefty fee.

The gruesome remains should wake up the world to the sinister, underworld trade in vital organs  which qualifies for the newest addition to the already nefarious white slavery that gathered momentum with the seemingly unstoppable tides of migrants braving the odds to reach for a better livelihood in Europe.

A valid question: How many more perish in similar circumstances undiscovered?



  1. Sick to th e stomache this is not egypt this is the devils work whrther it be arabs or white europeans all must stand before god to explain there wrong doing is certainly not to be custom to this life

    • This is a serous fight than aids or any thing lets stand up in unity regardless of our culture this is anothet africa challeng better to die poor but africans remain woe to those who came toafrica in askin of aship but their are hoofs for the sky is limite for God judgement is on them the brothers and sisters blood is cry no peace fo you doom is ahead of u …

    • Absulatly, the people who is going to buy those organs should put the death. They are evil, and the day of judgement God will put then in to hell fire. They Egyptian doctors who is doing this horrible act are terrorist.. I am very anger of the Arab world. If they care they should do something about it. I am a Muslim, but fuck muslim. They are the one who did this..

      • At ugi Ali your ignorance is one of the problems that causing problems in the world…what does these have to do with muslims….nobody knows the people behind all these …so keep shut


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