His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud ‘Silanyo’,  received, Monday,  in his office prominent businessmen from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia currently visiting the country.DSC_0063President Silanyo, during the meeting briefed the visiting KSA businessmen on the strategic importance of Somaliland as a regional and international commercial hub.

“At, the same time Somaliland Head of State, during the meeting with KSA businessmen recapped the important leading role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Islamic and Arab countries of which the nation of Somaliland is a member; In which he stated, “Somaliland as a Nation shares a long historical and brotherly relations with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on religious, tradition or neighborly co-existance”, he stated

President Silanyo further reiterated the need to enhance the existing cordial relations, especially in the field commerce,Having this said , both the business fraternity and the government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are welcomed to come and invest in Somaliland wide varied of untapped natural resources  be, It in the  Marine , Minerals , Agriculture ,livestock and other potential sectors awaiting to be explored.

On the other hand, Prominent Businessman Mr. Abdul-Aziz Mohammed Al Dilas and Mr. Majid Assi Al Shamari speaking on behalf of the visiting KSA delegation said, “As the proverbs say’s “Seeing is believing”, We would like to laud the good people and government of Somaliland for the great achievement overlooked the years having witnessed all this in reality during the duration of our stay here in Somaliland and also  thanks to your current leadership(President& Minister in Charge of Presidential Affairs), who have during our visit accorded us with very opportunity we deserved.

The visiting Kingdom of Saudi Arabia delegation came to the country to explore what Somaliland has to offer as a country especially the nation untapped and rare commercial opportunities and also ways in which both countries people are set to benefit.2221 1111 331 221

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