The government has assured local and international visitors to Mombasa County of adequate security as the high tourist season begins in July.

The assurance comes a week after the National Police Service issued a terror alert calling on Kenyans to be extra vigilant and report suspicious characters to the security agencies for action.

The police warned that Al-Shabaab terrorists of Kenyan origin, who trained in Somalia and were now returning into the country, might have sneaked into towns such as Mombasa, Malindi and Nairobi.

Mombasa County Commissioner Mohamed Maalim Sunday said the government had heightened security in Mombasa Town and across the county to safeguard locals, visitors and property.

He added that the government had intensified security on vital installations such as Moi International Airport, the Likoni crossing channel, beaches, hotels, shopping malls and places of worship to prevent attacks.

Mr Maalim said the government had deployed both uniformed and civilian police officers in Mombasa Town and its outskirts to protect people and property against terrorism and general crime.

At the Likoni channel, the commissioner said, ferries will now be given armed escort as part of measures to prevent terror attacks.

He ordered that all vehicles be screened before being allowed into the ferries to avert attacks or transportation of deadly weapons.

Daily Nation


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