Mr. Musa Behi Abdi, the Chairman of Somaliland’s ruling party, Kulmiye, and that party’s candidate for President in the forthcoming presidential elections of 2017, slammed a big question mark on the sincerity  and impartiality of Turkey in the Somaliland-Somalia talks.imageAt a magnificently organized grand event held at the Saw Hotel, Borama, Tuesday, to welcome Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar to the party, the Chairman stated that Somaliland will reassess the sincerity and impartiality of Turkey in the talks between the two erstwhile Somali Republic union partners – Somaliland and Somalia.

“Turkey is rebuilding Somalia’s military might, training army personnel and supporting Somalia to build a force to subjugate us when it is shying away even from proffering a humanitarian hand to Somaliland,” he  said.Somalia Army1“The government of Somaliland, the ruling party and the people of the Republic Somaliland will re-assess the role of Turkey in the talks as it presently appears as a partial moderator,” he continued to say, accusing Turkey of not concealing its partiality, love in favor of Somalia.

Turkey does not only train army cadets to master different fields of its armed forces, but has, only recently, donated a number of helicopters to the Mogadishu administration, too.

Turkey runs the Somalia capital’s main air and sea ports on long-term leases and has built the largest ‘Embassy’ of its own in the whole world indicating its far-reaching, long-term political, military and economic interests not only in Somalia but for the whole region – land or sea.


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