Roy Hogdson sparked anger on Tuesday when he questioned if holding a press conference after his resignation as England manager was really necessary.

Following the 2-1 loss to Iceland that knocked England out of Euro 2016, much attention has been focused on the disparity between Hodgson’s salary and that of Iceland joint-manager Lars Lagerbäck.

Many felt – given his income – appearing on television was the least he could do.

So Roy Hodgson gets tetchy and says he doesn’t know why he has to do a press conference. Well how about a £3.5 million salary for starters?

Roy Hodgson, ‘I don’t know why I have to talk to the press?’ Well, that would be because of the big fat pay check you received

Hodgson did ultimately appear at the press conference. Nevertheless, discussion of his salary has continued.

This graphic from Statista demonstrates the huge gap between Hodgson’s and Lagerbäck’s respective pay packets, as well as those of other Euro 2016 managers.Null

England’s pride has been badly bruised by the defeat, and many have pointed out the millions spent on the defeated England coach and management team compared the more frugal Iceland, whose other joint-manager Heimir Hallgrimsson is also a part-time dentist.View image on Twitter

This man earns £3.5mil a year. And just got beaten by a part-time Icelandic dentist.

UK: 65m people 👫👫👫👫
Iceland: 330k 🚶

Roy Hodgson pay: £3.5m 💷💷
Iceland manager: PT Dentist 😬

English ⚽️: 🌎 Richest
Iceland ⚽️: 12 PT teams

Just remember. Roy Hodgson was the highest paid coach at the tournament. Higher than Conte, Del Bosque, higher even than Löw

Some have given Hodgson the credit for resigning ahead of his contract running out and thereby returning some of his salary to the Football Association.

Roy Hodgson resigns three days before his contract expires, forfeiting three days’ pay, or about £28,600.


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