His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Siilaanyo”, was highly welcomed in the towns  and villages of the Saraar and Sool regions included in his official itinerary.

The President’s entourage entered Sool region today after staying overnight in the Saraar regional capital of Ainabo.

The President was so warmly welcomed in Yagori, Tuulo Samakaab and the new district of Adhi Addeeye.

A brief, but highly organized, reception was held at Yagori to, primarily, shoe how jubilant and appreciative people were on the President’s appointment of Prof. Yassin Mohamoud Hiir ‘Faraton’, a son of the region, as the new Interior Minister of the Republic of Somaliland – the first time a non-central clans member was given the most powerful ministerial portfolio of the de facto republic.

The occasion went down in history, too, as the first to host a President in the town’s lifetime.

At Tuulo Samakaab, the President laid foundation stones for a new Mother and Child Care center that was at the head of the area’s list of priorities.

At Adhi Addeeye, the President delighted residents by officially laying the first stone in a planned 85-Kilometre road which would link the two important district towns of Adhi Addeeye and Huddun.

The President also marked the starting point of rehabilitation and new layer for  1300 metre road for Adhi Addeeye.

His Excellency the president is the first in the republic’s highest office to make several, highly visible, greatly welcomed visits to a region whose development has been thwarted by conflicting philosophies and loyalties kindled and fueled by pro-unionists with Somalia spearheaded, most often, by elements making caustic forays from Garowe of the neighboring Somalia Federal State of Puntland.

The reception people lining the streets, roads have shown the President in this latest visit, however, was remarkably warmer and more sincerely zealous than any of its precedents.