Dahabshiil granted keynote spot at UoH graduation for accomplishment

dhbshiil.mpg_000071681Dahabshiil group, represented by its banking branch was given a key spot at the glittery, well-organized graduation ceremony of the University of Hargeisa, in recognition of the continued support of the university over the years since inception.Abdihakim Mohamed Ismail, Head of Investments  at the Dahabshil Bank International (DBI), speaking on behalf of the Group, reiterated the Group’s commitment to social development, and especially as it pertained to uplifting initiatives aiming to develop education, health, infrastructure, peace and availability of other life-saving social amenities.

Dahabshiil Mr. Abdihakim revealed, during his speech, that DBI and the University had partnership programs underway.

Announcing the first of at least two major initiatives, Mr. Abdihakim unveiled “DBI has started an investment program whereby successful graduate entrants would be granted investment loans for business upstarts”. He said winning applicants will be judged through the type, viability, practicality, cost, employment generation and other factors inherent business plans submitted. The program, he said, was to be initially tested on 10 investment candidates from the universities of  Hargeisa and

The program is to be initially tested on 10 investment candidates from the universities of  Hargeisa and Gollis.

Mr. Abdihakim disclosed that DBI has also granted the university an investment portfolio that added at least 18 more classrooms and their related facilities to the university – which would be the first of its kind in the history of UoH.

Dahabshiil is one of the few firms that has stood steadfastly by the university since the year 2000. It has, since then, added a yearly contribution to its budget, helped build facilities, assisted in innumerable functions of the university, and has, of late, entrusted management with hefty investment packages that if implemented as outlined would open the door for untold of opportunities for the public university.

His Excellency the President of Somaliland, Political party chiefs, ministers and the business community graced the event to honor the 13th graduate batch of the University of Hargeisa on Sunday.dhbshiil.mpg_000032317 dhbshiil.mpg_000054839dhbshiil.mpg_000099401 dhbshiil.mpg_000112841dhbshiil.mpg_000190871



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