Waddani opposition party always treats with double standards and broken promises with any agreement it signs with the other national parties of  Ucid and Kulmiye. A party and its leader whom can not keep their words and the agreements they have inked with other national party is tantamount to hypocrisy and insincerity.

………Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing. ~Edmund Burke

Waddani opposition party has breached a number of agreements it has signed with other national parties.  Some of the agreements which they have failed to keep includes among others:

  1. The Three National Parties Agreement on Holding Voter Registration at the Six Districts in the North of Hargeisa.

Waddani Opposition party has reached an agreement with the other national parties of Kulmiye and Ucid to hold voter registration at the six districts in the north of Hargeisa.

However, when the Ministry of interior has announced that voter registration will soon start at the six districts in the North of Hargeisa, Waddani opposition party has categorically opposed by mobilizing senior party officers to speak in the media. Such officers aired to the public especially the brotherly community living together in that six districts with hateful speeches intended to foment war among the brotherly clans residing there.

  1. The Three National Parties Agreement on the Parliamentary Elections

The three national parties together with the civil society election stakeholders were holding a series of meetings concerning solving controversial issues such as regional seat allocations surrounding the parliamentary elections.

At the end when they could not reach an agreement on this, they have agreed to take this issue to the President Hon.Ahmed Mohammud Siillanyo. All the three parties have given a written promise that they will abide by the decision of the President. The president solved the issue by suggesting that the regional seat allocation saga should be given its weight since national cohesion and togetherness has a unique national importance.

As usual Waddani has refused the President’s decision. This is a bazaar thing which became a unique feature of Waddani party to deny and breach all prior agreements it had with other parties.

Why Waddani Party Always Does not keep its Word

“Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them …” Stephen Richards

The main reason why Waddani always breaches prior agreement it had with other Somaliland National Parties is because of the leadership style of their leader Mr.Abdirahman Irro who can not unite his party under one agenda. He lacks statesmanship leadership character. His party is fragmented with various groups with different agendas.

The bill of the House of Representatives’ election was with the House of Representatives led by Waddani Chairman Abdurrahman Irro in the last 11 years. Then the blame of any parliamentary election delays lies with Mr.Irro and the house he leads.

In conclusion, the International community and Somaliland election stakeholders should not take the words of Mr.Abdirahman Irro in face value but should try to unveil what is behind the curtain and find the true situation on the ground.

By Mohammed Dahir Ahmed



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