Foreign policy experts and academia have supported Kenya’s move to nominate Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Amina Mohammed, to chair the African Union commission.

This only marks the beginning of diplomatic legwork, given the lobbying that must be done before AU members cast their votes in January next year.

Kenya’s lackluster years in global diplomacy seem to be coming to an end.

After a spell in the cold, soon after being cast under the shadows of the ICC and a disputed election prior to that, Kenya, analysts say, is finally beginning to shine again.

Some say, this will be the ultimate test for President Uhuru Kenyatta as he garners up support from his peers in the A. Will his many diplomatic forays across the continent pay off?

According to State House sources, the roll out plan will see a campaign team put in place, as President Kenyatta begins to reach out to his peers to vote in favour of Amina.

The CS is said to be planning to meet President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria while President Kenyatta is expected to lobby South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma when he comes to Kenya next week.

Even as the lobbying begins, the role of the chairperson of the AU comes into focus as analysts ponder the true might of the 54-member union.

A cross section of Kenyans agree that this is Kenya’s chance to re-position itself as a Pan-African giant, and that CS Amina will create a formidable voice for Africa’s trade and politics on the international space.



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