Somaliland: Acute Diarrhea cases reported in eastern Sahil village

According to Horn Cable TV news item, today, acute cases of diarrhea have been spotted in villages in the east of Sahil region, the Republic of Somaliland.

Although the report did not exactly specify areas beset by the alarming malady, it did say villages lying in eastern Sahil were all reeling under the threat of a protracted drought and that a few of the is additionally threatened by a number of ailments directly attributable to the dire health and hygienic conditions associated with dearth of health care, absence of potable water, lack of dependable food supplies, and the general cares and trepidations of a drought that sees them more and more destitute by the minute with livestock keeling over dead in droves.

Berbera city council member Ali Abdi Dheere called the government of Somaliland to urgently send human and livestock teams to the area.

“There is no more time to waste. Time is not a commodity or a luxury we can afford anymore. We will be hearing people dying off like flies soon if medical/health teams do not reach these areas immediately,” he said.

People in the areas the Council member visited appealed directly to the youngish and charismatic Minister of Health, Dr. Suleiman Isse Haglatosiye, to personally attend to the matter.