Somaliland parliament passes state budget for 2017

In today’s session of the Somaliland House of Representatives (HoR) chaired by the House Speaker, MPs passed the state budget for 2017 on a majority vote.

In previous sessions, a scuffle ensued when some of the MPs exchanged harsh words, a situation that was saved when the Speaker hurriedly brought the vociferous boos and whistles of rowdy members to an end.

Today, the ‘ayes’ and the ‘nayes’, started off on a similar uncompromising atmosphere which precipitated an early voting the chair put to the issue.

Forty-three MPs voted the budget to legitimacy where 17 opposed it, and 6 – including the Chair – did not vote either way.

This year’s budget shows an increase of 27% against that of the previous year.

No sections Somaliland Shilling US Dollar
1 Central Government 1,553,204,022,280 258,867,337
2 Autonomous organizations 303,338,532,125 50,556,422
3 Local Governments 208,570,347,257 34,761,725
4 International Aid 97,268,562,000 16,211,427
5 Joint Project for Local Governance (JPLG) 12,722,892,000 2,120,482
Grand Total 2,175,104,355,662 362,517,393