The newly-anointed president of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, and that country’s guardian mentor, Turkey, decide not to waste a minute more in the destabilization and disintegration of Somaliland unity and its 26-year old quest for lost place among sovereign countries.

According to an article published today in Hargeisa by the Somali-speaking Waaheen daily, Mr. Farmajo extended an invitation to what he termed as Somaliland-born ‘intellectuals’, journalists, playwrights, artistes from various fields, university lecturers, business people and members from a cross-section of the Somaliland society to Mogadishu.

The invitation, it is reported, was extended under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy’s youth integration program which will underwrite the overall cost of the travel, board and lodging and DSM package.

The program aims to introduce Farmajo’s kind of political interference and sabotage tactics to the invitees in order to plant his won philosophy among youth in Somaliland who, in turn, will try prepare the ground for him to ridicule the Republic of Somaliland on what he terms as ‘daydream’ quest for sovereignty in the eyes of the international community outside.

Mr. Farmajo, it has been said before, wishes to rekindle a type of nationalist fervor the last of which peaked and died in the era of Siyad Barre under whose reign he grew up and became notorious on the streets of Mogadishu in the late 80s as one of the rowdies he terrorized young women under the dictator’s protection.

The government of Turkey, which has a consulate in Hargeisa, has been hosting the Somaliland-Somalia talks which failed because, primarily, because of Turkey taking a keen, unhealthy interest on Somalia concessions which irredeemably compromised its projected impartiality in the talks as an impartial mediator and sponsor.

The invitation that Mr. Farmajo and the Turkish embassy extend now to Somalilanders from inside the republic is a direct violation of all the agreements thus far reached with a recalcitrant Somalia among which is a clause on ‘non-interference’ of each other’s political and economic affairs as embodied in the Chevening House communique of 2012 and, later, in the Ankara communique’.

The last artiste to be swayed by Mogadishu ministrations is the singer and national icon, Nimo-Geenyo. Before her, Niman-Hillac crossed over to turn his back on his homeland.Image result for Nimco Geenyo

Mr. Farmajo has of late been active in driving a wedge in Somaliland unity through scheduled meetings with Somaliland opposition, namely Waddani, showering funds on young, rash media practitioners, singers, traditional leaders, and poets to support his cause among Somalilanders.

The government of Somaliland, on the other hand, has stepped up its vigilance against Mogadishu’s multi-fronted sabotages.

One errant, Oldon, is now behind bars awaiting court hearing following an ostentatious support he showed for Farmajo and his election in Mogadishu – a far departure and a shameful abrogation of all journalistic ethics. The Somaliland security forces are on the heels of others who went underground in Somaliland after similar supports and indoctrination sojourns in Farmajo’s Mogadishu (see below). The owner of Universal TV has been briefly detained and later released in Hargeisa on similar charges relating to openly offensive programs against the Somaliland nation.



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