Waddani Party is to unite Somaliland with Somalia: Video

Presidential election campaigns in Somaliland kicked off this week as is happening smoothly in nationwide. There are three national political parties that are contesting in the November presidential polls. The three parties are UCID, Waddani and Kulmiye. There are accusations from Kulmiye which pointed an accusatory finger that Wadani believes federalism ideology.

The doubts have been cleared after supporters of Irro held a function in Mogadishu, the capital of war-torn Somalia throwing their support with Waddani. They said that Irro will work with the reunification of Somalia and Somaliland.

Kulmiye, the ruling party accused of Waddani, Irro’s party has hidden agenda in winning the presidential elections which it wants to see the unification of Somalia with Somaliland.

Hon. Ismail Mahmoud Hurre (Buubaa), is a Somaliland politician who believes the federalism ideology and held cabinet ministerial posts in Somalia and now is a member of Waddani party which is seeking to unite Somalia with Somaliland.

Somaliland recaptured its independence from Somalia in 1991 after it toppled its military leader from power.