Somaliland President Urges Somalilanders to Respect Life, Property of All Guests

President Musa Bihi Abdi called on all Somalilanders to host all guests visiting Somaliland on health, education or trading purposes or fleeing from droughts or violence and to extend them full honor as age-old Somali customs dictate.

The President speaking to above 800 graduating students at Amoud University and thousands of guests of honor at the university’s 11th graduation ceremony, Saturday, urged that, no matter the reason for stay, all guests should be guaranteed safe stay and safe passage if they were on transit.

“Anybody who crosses over to us in pursuit of refuge, education, health or any other similar reason must stay in full confidence of our hospitality. There are no limits. We do not look for backgrounds. We do not differentiate languages and dialects. Ethic origins make no distinctions. A guest is a guest,” the President stated.

Not a deluge yet but, still, groups of people from both Somali and Oromo ethnic origins have arrived in the towns of Wajaale, Borama, Gabiley, and Hargeisa to weather the uncertain situation now prevalent in Eastern Ethiopia.

The President, particularly, wished to avoid the wanton killing and looting by mobs that went on the rampage in places like Jigjiga and Diredhawa of Eastern Ethiopia and a horrible incident at the coastal town of Bossasso in Puntland, Somalia (photo below) where an unarmed Oromo man was badly beaten to an inch of his life.

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President Bihi’s strong message supported an earlier message on the same vein which the ministry of Interior broadcasted asking both the public and the security agencies to fully protect the lives and property of expatriate communities either living in Somaliland or crossing over to Somaliland to seek safe haven and shelter from the violent tensions in neighboring Somali region of Ethiopia.

The President’s words also dissipated propaganda on possible retaliatory acts against visiting students and civilians from Somalia which intentionally misinterpreted an allusion the UCID  opposition party leader made to students from Puntland studying in Somaliland universities to highlight an aspect of what a product of peace and stability could look like.