Somalia army executes 6 suspects without a court order


The Somalia army (SNA) has today executed 6 civilians in the southern, Jubbaland town of Bardhere, without giving them the benefit of the doubt in a court of law.

The army, under the pretext of weeding out Al Shabaab and Al Shabaab sympathizers from the area, have rounded up a number of civilians most of whom they released except for 9.

Of the nine, again, they released 3 holding back the 6 they shot at a public square today.

The names of the six that have been shot today were:

1- Suleiman Mohamed Sheikh
2- Mohamud Mohamed Buulle
3- Mohamed Abdi Ali
4- Mohamed Yussuf Isaaq
5- Adan ArrabeeyHalane
6- Maddey Haji Ma’alin

Bardhere is in Gedo region of Jubbaland Federal State and is approximately 460 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu, the FGS capital. General Farah Mohamed Turba’, Commander of the 49th unit of the 10th Brigade, stated that the suspects were killed on direct orders from General Dahir Adan Elmi “Indhaqarshe’ and the Federal Minister for Defense, who have, earlier, declared that Al Shabaab operatives and suspects will be shot without taking them to court.

The deceased had been in army custody for the past five months.

Of late, extrajudicial killings have become something of a norm with security agencies such as SNA and NISA who kill or indefinitely detain people citing the ‘terrorism’ catch-phrase. Whether that was true or that the victims were targeted for personal reasons cannot be determined without the law taking its due course as stipulated by the federal constitution.

Human rights agencies have raised concern against such arbitrary executions time and again. The Federal government under President Farmajo chooses, instead, to take the law into its own hands – ala its interpretation.


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