The meeting between the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, on Wednesday took many by surprise.

With Somalia, it was more of an alarming threat than anything else.

Used to having the field to itself, Somalia started a propaganda campaign whose objective was to jinx the resuscitated relations between the two neighbors, using, to begin with,  word Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed used on Facebook and Twitter: ”Administration’.

Villa Somalia immediately bounced on the word making it appear that its use was no different than that it and and the outside world used on Somalia’s federal states – among whom  Somaliland did not figure. The disdain was not to be missed, specifically, in the Somali language version of its Tweets. The English text repeated what came out on the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s page – no more, no less.

The repeated use of the word ‘administration’ by the Prime Minister’s office in relation to Somaliland was, to many, a calculated put-down that was meant to directly message its established rapport with President Farmajo and Villa Somalia, saying Ethiopia’s position with Somalia did not change.

Taking their hue from above, Somaliland detractors started a hue and cry on social media, contending that President Musa Bihi has agreed to relegate the republic of Somaliland to a ‘state’ level under Farmajo’s Somalia.

Their argument, chiefly rested on the fact that the Ethiopian PM used the word ‘administration’ on Somaliland where he accorded Somalia its full title ‘the Federal Government of Somalia’.

Although Somaliland is not yet recognized by the international community, it is the first time Ethiopia has used ‘administration’ on Somaliland in close proximity with the name Villa Somalia goes by with nowadays – a country that has duped the world to believe that Somaliland was and is still a part of Somalia.




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