Hyundai International Co. opens a main branch in Somaliland under the auspices of DAHABSHIIL increasing the country’s visibility

Hyundai Opens in Somaliland
By  Gamal Abdul Sattar


  1. Please don’t call us, so-called Somaliland or Somalila our mother. We are the Republic of Somaliland and an emerging force to be reckon with. To call somalia our mother country is an insulting because we came into existing as an Independent Country even before they become Independent. Somaliland came to join with Somalia in an ill-fated union. Things didn’t work. Then Somaliland decided to revert backed to its statehood. Why is that a crime?
    Many countries joined together and separated again understandingly. It is not fair the world to hold Somaliland hostage to appease other interest player and we losing patience.