The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has turned down the credentials of a new ambassador the Somalia President, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmajo appointed to represent his country in Riyadh.

President Farmajo made the appointment on end of May but the Kingdom opted not to acknowledge or honour the appointment of Abdihakim Hassan Ibrahim aka Ashkir by not affirming it within the grace period which ended 15 September. It simply spiked it and remained reticent not either accepting the appointment or providing justification to why it should not welcome Mr Askir to the Kingdom.

Sources, however, state that the KSA has most probably got wind of Mr Ashkir’s close relations with the notorious Somalia intelligence director, Fahad Yassin, who is theĀ de facto head of Qatar’s shadow government in Somalia. Qatar, virtually, has been running all Somalia state and economic affairs unchallenged through Mr Yassin since the United Arab Emirates pulled out in 2017.

Mr. Ashkir was an assistant at Somalia’s ministry of religious affairs and endowments at the time his appointment as ambassador to the KSA came through.

The Kingdom, the sources add, has also given the appointment of a consul at Jeddah the cold shoulder.

Together, the two incidents reveal how deteriorated relations between Somalia and the Kingdom had gone, throwing into doubt the possibility of a thaw in the near future.