The House of Representatives of the Republic of Somaliland – the lower House of the country’s bicameral parliament approved six out of seven commissioners proposed for the sixth National Electoral Commission makeup.

The sixth, Mohamoud Yassin Sheikh Ahmed Dalmar, to have represented one of the two, national opposition parties – Waddani – was not present.

For some weeks preceding Tuesday’s voting, today, there a row over members the president appointed to the commission shadowed the proceedings stalling cooperation among the parties as it, on occasion, was the core of heated exchange of words, accusations and declarations of boycotts and calls for demonstrations.

The three said members were faulted, respectively, for being an active member of the ruling party (Abdirashid Riyoraa), a member of the outgoing Commission (Kaltun) and an employee of the government as well as being below the 40-year age stipulated for electoral commissioners (Mustafa).

As is shown below, For Abdirashid Riyoraa’ 50 approved, 12 rejected, and 1 abstained. Mohamoud Dahir Jama landed 55 ‘Ayes’, 5 ‘Nayes’ and 4 abstentions. For young Mustafa, 58 approved, 4 rejected and 2 abstained. the lady, Kaltun Hassan found 55 approvals, 8 rejections and 1 abstention, where Abdirahman Mohamed Ismail found 598 approving of him among the MPs, none disapproving and 6 abstentions.


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