The Commanders of the Somaliland army in the Buuhoodle district ruled out any insurgence or new anti-Somaliland militias establishing bases in the area.

Speaking to the media after a brief show of force on the main streets of the city, Wednesday, the commanders vowed that the army will route out any group which attempts to sow seeds of discord in the area.

“We are issuing a warning – in the strongest of terms – to any person or persons, any group or any so-called unit which tries to overturn peace and stability in the Buuhoodle district and its surrounding areas,” the Chief Commander of the army said.

The army’s warning followed another media appearance of an armed unit which claimed that it was based in Buuhoodle and that it was going to mount an armed raid on the Somaliland presidency and all army units loyal to Somaliland.

A man who claimed to be a general, and a member of the defunct. pre-1991 Somalia commandos brigades, Abdi Haji Raan, contended that it will not only fight in the Buuhoodle area but that they will drive out President Musa Bihi Abdi of the Presidency in  Hargeisa, itself.

Haji Raan recalled former engagements with the then Somali National Movement (SNM) whose victories over the military dictator’s army in the 80s led to the downfall of the military regime of Siad Barre.

“We have destroyed your forces and chased you way on direct military engagements with you before, and we will do that again,” the man stated, scratching wounds that have healed since the restoration of the country’s independence in 1991 at a grand conference participated by all clans on opposite sides of the civil war.

informed sources point out that this latest insurgency is nothing but another attempt of the weak Mogadishu administration to find a foothold in a vast area that shares more with the rest of Somaliland than Villa Somalia thousands of kilometres away.

Puntland – which is a federal state of Somalia unlike the Republic of Somaliland which is not, also, claims that it has control over the area, making Buuhoodle a hotbed for opposing forces.

It is obvious, though, that Somaliland units hold tactical and strategical command over the area due to its access to rapid reinforcements, arsenal and supplies which other units have not.


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