Completely rejecting term-in-office extensions the Republic of Somaliland’s bicameral parliament granted itself in November, a visiting delegation representing international development partners conveyed its desire to see parliamentary and municipal elections wrapped up by mid-2020.

The delegation, led by Ambassador Nicolas Berlanga Martinez of the EU in Somalia/Somaliland, met with the President of the Republic of Somaliland, leaders of the Guurti and the House of Representatives and a covey of Ministers at the Presidency Thursday.

Ambassador Berlanga told the press that the international community, friends of Somaliland’s democracy, wished to see oft-postponed elections he held as scheduled (before the controversial extensions), and that should be conducted by mid-2020, next year.

The Presidency, on its part, stated that the government of Somaliland was ready to fully implement the mediation committee’s proposal regarding the elections once the political parties ironed out among themselves all prevailing technical and legal hurdles currently blocking that eventuality.

“The two sides discussed issues revolving around the parliamentary and local councils elections, resolving discord among political parties relating to the composition of the electoral commission, continuation and increase of development assistance,” the statement said.

The Presidency tweeted an abridged version of issues discussed as below.

During its two-day stay -and before it met the President, the delegation met with the voluntary mediation committee whose proposal defused tensions, the three political parties and the non-state actors forum with whom it raised how crucial it was to continue support of timely elections and the creation of an infallible momentum to realise that objective.

Tweets below map views expressed of the different meetings the delegation held with the different actors on Wednesday and Thursday.


With His Excellency at the Presidency meeting with the international delegation, were his Vice President, Abdirahman Abdullahi Ismail, Upper House Speaker and Vice Speaker, Suleiman Mohamoud and Saeed Jama, House Representatives Speaker and First Deputy Speaker, Bashe Mohamed Farah and Ahmed-Yassin Sh, Ali Ayanle, the Minister for Financial Development, Dr, Saad Ali Shire, Minister of Interior Mohamed Kahin, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Liban Yussuf and advisors to President on Financial matters and elections, Dr Osman Sheikh Ahmed and Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir ‘Ukusse’, respectively.

The Berlanga-led delegation included the ambassadors of Italy and Germany, Amb. Alberto Vecchi, and  Ambassador Annette Guenther, respectively, and high officials representing Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Austria, Denmark, UK, UNSOM and  IGAD.


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