..and Villa Somalia continues to frame the UAE to, perhaps, cover up some telltale tracks or divert attention elsewhere

A roadside bomb targeting Turkish engineers was remotely detonated, Tuesday, resulting in fatal casualties at the Elasha Biyaha, a sprawling residential area, located in between Mogadishu, the Federal Somalia capital, and Afgooye to the south-west,

Two members of the security detachment escorting the engineers building the 30-kilometre road between the two cities and a passing by civilian lost their lives, according to reports on the incident.

The tremendously dazed engineers escaped with minor injuries.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility.

Two compatriot engineers were among the dead at the devastating end-of-year blast which killed over 100 at the ex-control checkpoint on the Afgooye-side of Mogadishu.

Al Shabaab made a belated claim to the blast two to three days later after the event which left some wondering if it was not for effect.

The federal government, only a day before the Shabaab claim, reported that intelligence wing, NISA, has discovered a foreign hand in the blast obliquely intimating that their investigation was conclusive. Many understood it to mean an indirect accusation of the United Arab Emirates – a country that Villa Somalia had been bad-mouthing since the two fell out with one another in 2017.

The latest attempt to discredit some of the heads of the Somalia federal states, namely, Puntland, Galmudug and HirShabelle, the NISA propaganda wing fabricated a letter, dated 8 January 2020, making them appear as pawns under the thumb-and-rule of the United Arab Emirates. A letter it circulated purported that the UAE Ambassador to Somalia, Mohamed Ahmed Al Hammadi, cancelled a meeting they would have had with him at Garowe, the Puntland Federal State of Somalia, to Nakuru Kenya due to ‘some strategic circumstances’.

The centred layout of the letter, the language, the absence of an official seal and the illogical wording of the letter all cried out ‘fabrication’ of the crudest, old KGB-school type (see below).

Mogadishu squarely sides with Qatar which is often accused of being the real government pulling almost all the strings in Mogadishu by proxy through the very powerful NISA director Fahd Yassin.