Brigadier-General Zakia Hussein

Brigadier-General Zakia Hussein, the Deputy Police Commissioner of the Somalia Police forces, posted on her Twitter account news of the escape from government custody of a former minister of Jubaland State Security.

General Zakia stated that the ‘former Minister of Jubaland Security, Abdirashid Hassan ‘Janan’ escaped from where he was detained. Security agencies are on his trail. We request the public to notify the security forces if they get wind of his whereabouts. He was a suspect of many crimes charged’.

It came to light that the government removed the ex-minister from his cell at NISA three days ago. Government sources said he was taken to a safe house the National Intelligence Services Agency (NISA) ran near its main HQ. No explanation as to why he was taken out was given.

The hue-and-cry of the General raised as many questions given the suspicious circumstances under which the event unfolded.

MP Ahmed Ma’allin Fiqi

MP Ahmed Ma’allin Fiqi, one of the most vocal critics of government policies, stated that since neither his relatives nor the public had been told why a prisoner in government custody was removed from where he was held before or on what pretext, it looks like he was a victim of abduction.

The MP, accordingly, posed three questions relating to the professed ‘escape’.

“Before telling us of his escape, can the government tell the public of what kind of prison was it that a detainee could easily escape from,” he said, adding “who was responsible for his abduction and security.”

The MP reserved the most disturbing question of all to the last.

See the source image
The imprisoned Abdirashid Janan while in office before the arrest

“Was it possible that General Zakia will again share another tweet with the public announcing the lamentable death of the prisoner on security crossfire while escaping?” he queried.

EX-Minister Janan was arrested at Mogadishu’s Adan Adde airport on late August 2019 on transit to Addis Ababa.

Public protests of his arrest followed which rocked places such as Belet Hawo on the Somalia-Kenya border.

The government of the Jubaland Federal State of Somalia also demanded that their minister be immediately released. Villa Somalia did not heed any of those calls or subsequent ones.

The arrest happened while preparations for the election of the Federal State president were underway. Minister Janan was an ardent supporter of President Ahmed whom Villa Somalia did not want a return to the post.


Feature Image: Ex-Minister Janan while in custody



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