Somalia Coronavirus-related Deaths Rise to 38


As of May 5, today, the official, confirmed deaths of COVID-19-contracted cases has risen to 38, according to the Somalia Ministry of Health daily update.

Three deaths were recorded since yesterday. Globally, 253,381 deaths have been confirmed around the world.

The Ministry stated 79 new cases have been discovered during the past 24 hours: Banaadir (38), Jubaland (22), Southwest (11) and Puntland (8) – all member states of federal Somalia.

This takes the total number of positive cases in Somalia to 835. Worldwide, total positive cases reach 3,618,325.

Closer to home, the Somaliland Republic has thus registered 1 death and a total of 9 coronavirus-contracted cases; Djibouti 1116 cases, 2 deaths; Kenya 535 cases, 24 deaths; 145 cases, 4 deaths; and Eritrea 39 cases, 0 deaths.


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