The two ministries of health of the Republic of Somaliland and Somalia have both, today, updated status of coronavirus in their respective countries.

Somaliland made it known that 14 cases have been discovered since yesterday raising the number of cases thus far tested and found positive to 68. The Ministry, also, announced the death of one more patient which brings the number of deaths to 6.


The Somaliland Republic has, of recent stepped up measures to curb undue public socialization and get-togethers which included directives which saw the closure to congregational prayers of the largest number of mosques since the outburst of the pandemic to the world stage in late 2019.

All mosques have also closed doors to Tarawih and Yahajud prayers – the latter performed during the last ten days of the Holy month of Ramadan where the first is observed throughout the month above and beyond the regular five, obligatory prayers a day. Regular prayers performed in mosques are completed following social-distancing advice leaving a wide space between supplicants which is not acceptable in normal times and conditions.

Somalia Minister for Health, Fawzia Abikar, stated that 65 cases have been noted for the past 24 hours – which – 9inexplicably – still include Somalilands-specific cases despite the fact that Somalia has no jurisdiction whatsoever over Somaliland but that lent it by an obtuse world which failed to appreciate the unique but perfectly legal claim to sovereignty of the Somaliland Republic.

Somalia, thus, confirms that 1284 cases and 53 deaths to date of course, again, including Somaliland number which makes the Somalia figures’ accuracy questionable.



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