The Somaliland Republic Minister for Health Development, Omar Ali Abdullahi, revealed today that 19 more cases have been declared positive of COVID-19 making the total number of positively identified cases 87 to date.

The Minister also stated that two more deaths have been attributed to the virus bringing the total number who lost lives to the pandemic to 8. Of the two who died during the past 48 hours, one was said to have been 76 years old and the other 52.

Although not so publicly identified as such the older of the two is suspected to be a famous statesman and a very vocal critic of policies often spearheaded by, specifically, the incumbent president and his predecessor with whom the deceased shared a long history.

Recently,  the Chairperson of the parents’ Liaison Committee with Adan Isaq  school – one of the oldest, most venerable educational institutions in Borama, Awdal, succumbed joining a growing number of prominent members of the society the virus killed.

Of the 19 testing positive, 13 lived in the Marodijeh region, where the capital of the Republic of Somaliland is situated, while the other 6 were living in Awdal region to the west. Awdal has of recent received an influx of ‘summer refugees’ fleeing from a combination of flood and a ravaging spread of the coronavirus in neighbouring Djibouti.

11 of the afflicted, according to the ministry, were males.



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