President Bihi of the Republic of Somaliland, today, sacked the former Vice-Minister of Transportation, appointed another in his place, and reshuffled positions for four Director-Generals.

DEG DEG Bur Burkii Xisbiga Waddani Oo Bilaabmay Iyo Xubnihii Ugu Tunka Weynaa Oo Hada Is Casilay | Kaafi NewsIn the same move, the President nabbed a former Secretary of a key position, Mohamed Hassan Dirir, from the Waddani opposition party to put him at Water Development as Director-General.

Ex-Vice-Minister Sahal Mohamed Jama loses position to Mohamed Abdi Mohamoud.

The President decreed:

Ahmed Abdi Jama Ministry of Planning
Mubarak Abdullahio Ibrahim Ministry of Defense
Mohamed Geeddi Aynanshe Civil Service Commission
Hamze Sultan Adan Quality Control


What made the President make changes to a fraction of the existing government set-up at this particular juncture of time is not clear.

Neither do the changes to the Director-general positions make sense as four out of five are not new.


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